Ammunition & Explosives Safety Training and Certification

Over 12000 government, contractor, and commercial personnel have taken our certification, refresher, and custom courses to meet employer and employee responsibilities and regulatory requirements found in publications such as DOD 4145.26-M, AMMO-65, AMC- R 350-4, AF-M 91 -201, NAVSEA OP5, ATEC-R 385-1, DOE 440.1-1A, NASA STD 8719.12, OSHA CFR 29, DOT CFR 49, ATF CFR 27, and TSA regulations. Live, hands-on, safe range procedures and exercises are also available. Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment training fulfill requirements in regulations, such as DOD 4145.26-M, AR 385-10, AMC-R 700-107, and OSHA CFR 29 and is available for ammunition and explosives operations for rockets & missiles, artillery and small arms, propellants and pyrotechnics, and demolition operations.


Why Amtec?

Amtec provides practical training that is applicable to many different types of explosive operations. Training can be tailored to fit an organization's training requirements and mission. These are some of the advantages with using Amtec Corporation as your source for Explosives Safety Training.

Applicable to real-world situations. Training material covers safety requirements for individual tasks performed during typical procedures involving ammunition, explosives and explosive components.

Recognized by numerous organizations. Amtec Corporation is accepted as a reliable source for explosives safety certification. Courses are approved by the Army Material Command(AMC) and the Defense Ammunition Center(DAC)

Flexible class schedules and training arrangements. Classes can be conducted at or near an organization's own facility or at a location selected by Amtec.

Excellent training aids. Training is always conducted in a professional manner using a computer projection system, inert training aids, video tapes, practical exercises, accident case studies, and a training material binder for each attendee

Experienced instructors. The Amtec instructor staff has an average of 35 years of experience working with a variety of explosive systems and devices, and conducting explosives safety training.

Cost effective safety training. You will find this training to be exceptional at a reasonable price.

Training certificate provided. You will receive a color training certificate at the conclusion.

Tailor a Course to Meet Your Specific Needs. A course can be tailored to meet the training requirements of your company or organization. You may select subjects from any of the courses that are listed to create a training session that can be presented at the location and time of your choice. Contact us for additional information.


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